Fleetwood Mac: Rumors (1977)

Produced by Fleetwood Mac and Keith Olsen

The good thing about the streaming services is that it allows you to discover bands. I heard Fleetwood Mac and I liked a few songs, but never an album. I wanted to listen to their discography and started with the album named Fleetwood Mac, the first with Stevie and Lindsey.

The first album was good. It had a mix of rock and pop to slow ballads. Musically they sound great but there came a point where the songs sounded the same to me. That does not mean I did not like it because I did. I think the songs Monday Morning, Say you love me and Landslide are great songs and the best ones on the album. But the second one was a complete improvement for me.

Every song felt different and musically. I quickly understood why the album is regarded as a classic and their masterpiece. I knew of the turmoils and what was going on between the members. Despite all that, they came together and made an amazing album. The Chain is a song that I had never heard and it is a great track with, great base, great vocals. Songbird is a beautiful song and Go your own way and Second-hand news are great rock tracks. Never going back again was also a good song, I loved that one musically.

After hearing this album, I have to agree that it is a classic album.

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