Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Directed by Sam Raimi

Starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Thomas Hayden Church.

I tried to revisit this film today and I could not see it. There are only two Spiderman movies that I have not liked at all and this is one of them. When it comes to the first two films I have to say that they were great. The cast and the story, everything worked, what went wrong?

Here everything is going great for Peter. He’s with Mary Jane and the city loves Spider-Man. Trouble arises as Harry wants revenge. Flint Marko is escaping from cops as he falls on this hole of sand where an experiment is being held and he turns into the Sandman. At work, Eddie Brock is trying to steal Peter’s job as a photographer and when Peter exposes a picture he took as fake, Eddie wants revenge and gets help thanks to an alien that was taking over Peter.

The one good thing the film has is the special effects. The Sandman to this day looks so great that the first time he appears on the screen. The black suit looked so good and the action sequences were good. But there was so much that just did not work. I think there were too many villains. I think it should have focused on Sandman. Harry as the new goblin could have been included. Adding Venom was a mistake because that character should have been the main villain. I think the story forced these characters to fit in the film and it did not work.

I know it was not possible at that time to do a faithful rendition of how Peter got the black suit so they took the easy way, dropped from outer space.

The one thing that makes it bad for me is the performances. I loved Tobey and Kirsten from the first two films, but in this film, I find it hard to see them, maybe it was the script and they did what they could.

At the time it was released I tried to defend the film, now I agree with my friends that did not like it. It has good things but is mostly bad.

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