The high note (2020)

Directed by Nisha Ganatra

Starring Dakota Johnson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Ice Cube, Bill Pullman

As a fan of music, I enjoy stories that are music related. Not all end up being good movies but still, I always try to give them a chance if they look interesting.

Maggie works as an assistant to Grace Davis. She is a famous singer that is currently living off making shows and singing the same old songs not making new music. Maggie wants to be a producer and she tries to produce an artist she heard while looking out for Grace and her music career.

I like that the story is not about the fading star but about Maggie and her hope of being a music producer. But other than that it felt like the story came short. It had nothing to explore as far as the characters went. Grace could have been a stronger character instead she was just a star that came hard on Maggie sometimes. And the resolution of their conflict was resolved too easily. The story between Maggie and David felt forced to me. I think it would have been better to just let them be producers and artists even if she lied to get the job. I liked the twist at the end. But because of the way the story was developed the big moment in the end did not have the big emotional effect it could have had.

It was an interesting choice to have Diana Ross’s daughter play a singing star was interesting and she gave a good performance. Dakota Johnson was also good in her performance. Ice Cube was surprisingly good as the manager.

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