The Death of Superman (1992)

Published by DC Comics

I am starting to buy a lot of the comics I read when I was growing up. I have said in other posts that I used to purchase a lot of titles every Saturday. From DC I mostly read Superman and Batman. This week I got to read one great story that was big at that time and is the story that featured the death of Superman.

Superman is one of my favorite superheroes. I like his character and of course, his powers are cool. I’m still waiting for a film with today’s technology that would be worthy of such an iconic character. I liked Man of Steel but I felt he deserved another stand-alone film before the cross overs they did.

The story is about this creature that suddenly is set free and his only desire is to cause death and destruction. He is a powerful monster. He first encounters the Justice League as they try to stop him and when Superman hears about it he goes to try to stop this creature but soon finds out that this battle was taking everything from him.

It is a truly epic story. It is well written and I like the art on the pages. It is filled with action from the start. I like that Doomsday has no introduction and no background at least nothing was told in the story, he just exists to create chaos. The fact that the Justice League was part of the story gave it something extra. But for me was all about Superman making the ultimate sacrifice at the end.

I think it is one of the best stories I have read from a comic book. Even now it feels strange seeing a character as iconic as Superman die but it was done right because it was what he stood for, putting others first. This story was tried in the Batman v Superman movie and I liked it and the funeral scene was done right also.

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