Blackbird (2019)

Directed by Roger Michell

Starring Susan Sarandon, Kate Winslet, Sal Neil, Rainn Wilson

This is one film I stumbled upon looking around on iTunes a while ago. These days doing the same I found it on Amazon Prime and decided to see it. It had a good cast.

The story is about Lily, she is sick and she wants to end her life before she gets worse and is not move to move or do anything. She wants one last weekend with her family. She has two daughters. Jennifer is married and has a son and Anna who seems to struggle and has differences from her sister.

It is a tough subject to get into. It has to be a hard thing for anyone to decide that and for the family to accept. Other films have tackled this subject like “Mar Adentro” with Javier Barden. This is more of a family-focused film and how that decision affects them. I knew coming in that it would be a dramatic movie. The question for me was would it make me care about the characters and if the story would be moving not just relying on the fact that Lily wanted to die. In that, for me, the movie failed. It was a nice film but I did not like the situations and some of it felt predictable. I like dramatic films but this one was ok but not a movie that grabbed me.

Now with a cast like this, the acting was great. Susan Sarandon and Kate Winslet are the kind of actresses that can take any role and do something with it. This film is no exception. Sam Niel was also good, Ryan Wilson was limited for much of the film only getting a good screen moment near the end. If one thing made this movie worth seeing was the performances.

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