Wonder Woman 84 (2020)- No spoilers.

Directed by Patty Jenkins

Starring Gal Gadot, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, Chris Pine

One of the most anticipated films of the year finally has been received. Thankfully HBO Max released it on its platform as well as theaters leaving it up to the people to decide where to see it. I will make this review short to make sure I don’t spoil it for anyone.

I won’t go into details of the story because even with the trailers I had no clear idea of the main story and I always prefer it that way so I won’t spoil that for anyone. My thoughts on the films are that it was great. I liked the story a lot better than the first film. I loved the first film and I think it had more wow moments, but this film had plenty of them and for me a better story. The scene in the desert is amazing. The 80’s setting was perfect. The movie was funny but also had its share of emotional moments. The effects were great and the scenes in the Amazons looked beautiful. I heard some say it starts slow, but I did not find it slow, it was developing the story and I found it interesting.

Gal Gadot continues to shine in this role. I love this character because like Superman they are true heroes. They are selfless and represent what could be good in mankind. Gadot inspires that with her performance. I wish Superman could get a film that is as epic and inspiring as the film Wonder Woman is getting. Kristen Wiig was surprisingly good, I know her from Saturday Night Live and I knew she could be funny, but she handled the darkness in her character very well. Pedro Pascal, The Mandalorian himself, was also great in the film. Chris Pine reprises his role as Steve and just as he did in the first one, he was heroic and funny.

I think the movie is fun, some might like it more than the first film, others might not. For me, it was better than the first one, though both are equally good and remain the best two films in the DCU, in my opinion. This one had a more original story and it had a good message at the end.

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