The Justice League: War (2014)

Directed by Jay Oliva

I think I have said this before in other DC animated films, that they make good movies and sometimes better than the live-action films. I always seem to start them just to see how they are and end up finishing the movie.

This film had a similar story to the Justice League film. Batman is trying to figure out what the mother boxes are while fighting the demons as Darkseid is about to attack earth. The heroes slowly come together to defeat this powerful enemy and save the earth.

I found the film entertaining. The action started from the start to the end. The animation looked great and the story was great. The jokes were minimum and the characters were all likable and not forced like The Flash in the live-action film was made to be the clown and it did not work.

I like animation and I think this one was good and if you are a dan of DC I think you will enjoy it too.

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