Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (2020)

Directed by George C. Wolfe

Starring Viola Davis, Chadwick Boseman,

This is a weird award season because it has been hard to see a lot of films and possible performances to get an idea o to choose from. This film has gotten many good reviews so I wanted to see it.

The film is centered on a recording session and the tension that arises between those involved. There is racial tension between Ma and the recording management and between the trumpet player and his ambitions.

I have to say that to see this film you have to be set in the mood for this kind of film, I say this because when I started to see it I think I was not in the mood and was a bit bored with the film when I returned to the film everything changes, I found myself into the dialogues and what was going on. It sets a picture of a specific time in the world. Films based on plays have a characteristic of being films without changes of sceneries and the dialogue and the story have to be interesting to make what works on a theater work in a movie. The second half of the film gets powerful and we see the conflict between the characters kick in.

The film is sadly Chadwick’s last performance on film and man what a performance. Even though he had another film where he filmed a few scenes, I compare Boseman with Heath Ledger in the sense that they both gave amazing performances and passed away before they could see the response and praise. Not to say it based on what happened, Boseman is the best part of the film, he gave an amazing performance. I was completely moved by his performances and the way he expressed that character’s hopes and his pain. Viola Davis is also amazing and she disappeared in the role. In truth the whole cast is great and that is important for this kind of film at least for me, they have few changes from scenes and places, so the dialogue and the performances need to be captivating.

I think for now Viola and Chadwick at least should get nominated and who knows if Chadwick wins a posthumous award for his performance. Let’s see who else gets nominated.

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