The Bee Gees: How can you mend a broken heart (2020)

Directed by Frank Marshall

I have come to be a fan of this band in their early songs and a few songs from the disco era and after. But their impact and success are undeniable and they stand right there with The Beatles and Dylan, like Noel Gallagher of Oasis says in the documentary.

Here we can see the rise of the group in the ’60s and the times they had to regroup and adapt to keep making music. I think the documentary is good and interesting, but I saw another documentary called This is where I came in that I have to say was more comprehensive and covered their whole career until Maurice passed away, Robin was still alive at the time it was released. Most of the interviews are from that documentary. I was disappointed they only got to the disco era and the effect of the disco sucks movement on the band.

It was great to listen to Barry and his perspective now being the only brother alive and it was heart-breaking when he says he rather have all his brothers back than having all the hits. The new interviews add a lot to the story of their impact. But for a definite look at the band, I recommend the other documentary.

But for anyone who has not seen the film This is where I come in, this is a great film and will satisfy new fans who want to know about the Bee Gees.

2 thoughts on “The Bee Gees: How can you mend a broken heart (2020)

  1. Agree with your comment that it is moving to hear barry talk; that he’d give up the music to have them back. I just felt that I could learn less about the Bee Gees from wallopers like Coldplay than from archive footage and their music…

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