Let them talk (2020)

Directed by Steven Soderbergh

Starring Meryl Streep, Dianne Wiest, Candice Bergen

There are two new Meryl Streep films released one on HBO Max and the other is on Netflix. I decided to see this one first. I have seen a few films from this director and I have mixed feelings about his films, but I do enjoy Meryl Streep so I decided to see it.

The story starts as Alice, a famous novelist is set to receive a prestigious award but is afraid of flying. Her assistant gives her the idea of going to the destination by cruise. Alice agrees to go if she could take four guests, her nephew, and two old friends.

I usually like films that are about the performances, no big twists or fast-paced film. I did not like this film. The characters were not interesting and the story felt flat to me. The big problem in the story was they needed to get Alice to write a sequel to a novel but I felt no urgency in the characters to achieve that. The love story between the nephew and Alice’s assistant was not interesting. I read that most of the dialogue was improvised and in this case and for me, it did not help the story. It was an interesting thing to try but for me, it did not work. There is also no connection or resolution between the characters, they kept it real I give them that.

It got better towards the end but it was too late for me to consider it a good film as a whole. I guess the path to the emotional ending could have been better with a more scripted story.

The performances are not the problem. You got three proven actresses that do not need to prove their talent. Meryl Streep, Diane Wiest, and Candace Bergen all are good in terms of the performances but the film was not good. Meryl like always is the bright part of the film and the only reason I would see this film.

What I always say with movies is that I think any film can find the audience and share my opinion but for someone else, a film can have a different effect. For me, it just was not as interesting. As an artistic film, it can have merit.

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