Runaway Bride (1999)

Directed by Garry Marshall

Starring Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, Joan Cusak, Rita Wilson

I can enjoy a romantic comedy now and then, but only a few I can pick as being good. Runaway Bride is one of my favorites. I know that some will call me crazy, but ai like this one more than Pretty Woman. Pretty Woman was a great film, but I enjoyed this one better. I can’t say why but this also happened with the pairing of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, I liked Sleepless in Seattle but I liked more You’ve got mail.

When Ike Graham needs an idea for a column for the paper and goes to a bar in search of ideas. There he meets a man who tells them the story of Maggie Carpenter, known in her hometown as the runaway bride. When Maggie reads the story in the paper she writes the newspaper and gets Graham fired. Set out to prove that what he wrote was right he goes to witness Maggie run again.

I can’t say why I like this film so much. The story is simple and not as original as the story of a prostitute falling in love with a millionaire. I just found this movie more fun and the characters more likable. The chemistry between Gere and Roberts is perfect. The characters around them also added to the story.

Julia Roberts shines in this picture, she is sweet and charming but yet, like her friends, you see that she is conceded and does not think of others. But we forgive the character because she changes along the way. Richard Gere is funny as he irritates Maggie with his relentless quest to redeem himself.

As far as romantic comedies this one is one of my favorites and an enjoyable film.

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