Remembering John Lennon

Today it has been 40 years since the senseless murder of John Lennon. Today I want to remember him by sharing my favorite songs from his solo work.

⁃ Jealous Guy – when it comes to love songs this one is one of his best. The melody is so beautiful and the lyrics so honest. This melody was before used for a song he made a demo for the White Album and he changed the words and record the song for his Imagine album.

⁃ I know (I know) – From the album Mind Games, I love this song and the demo issued on The Lennon Anthology box set is beautiful.

⁃ Woman – a great love song from his Double Fantasy album. This is John at his best.

⁃ Watching the wheels – I always related to this song. Here is Lennon as an open book sharing his thoughts on his retirement from music that lasted 5 years.

⁃ Nobody Loves you – here is one of my favorites just because of how Lennon can express his feelings no matter what they are. Here is a man who had to feel sad and empty.

⁃ Imagine – This song is an obvious one. It has to be his most known song as a solo artist. The melody and words are simple but I think express a universal feeling of wanting peace.

⁃ Starting Over – a song that is hard to hear knowing what happened. I think he was feeling great and was ready to start again both personally and musically.

⁃ stand by me – This a cover, it was not written by Lennon, but his performance is so moving, I think he felt every word relating to his life at that time.

⁃ Grow old with me – Based on Yoko this was the last demo he recorded and what a beautiful song. I love the arrangement that George Martin added to the demo for the Lennon Anthology box set.

⁃ Instant Karma – great track with a great message.

⁃ Move over Ms. L. – I always loved this great rock track.

⁃ Beautiful boy – this is such a beautiful and emotional song to hear, but it’s a beautiful song dedicated to Sean.

There are a lot of songs I could mention but I think those are my favorite ones. Lennon’s music is unique and special and he is missed.

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