Fatman (2020)

Directed by Eshom Nelms and Ian Helms

Starring Mel Gibson, Walton Goggins, Marianne Jean-Baptiste

This has to be the weirdest Christmas film I have ever seen. I saw the trailer and I admit t got me interested.

The story takes the concept of Santa and spins around. Mel Gibson plays Chris Cringle and he runs a Christmas-resent shop that works as a business and is going down due to the lower Christmas spirit in the kids. On the other side is Billy, a spoiled rich kid who does not like what he gets for Christmas and hires a hitman to kill the Fatman, yes kill Santa.

Like I said at the beginning, this is a weird film. I like the concept of the story and taking the Santa story and turn it into an action film. The idea that Santa needs to make a deal with the military because the Christmas business is going under is an interesting one, not new because it has been done but never for an action film. Yes, there are films like Bad Santa that take the figure of Santa and present it n a way not meant for kids or a family film. The idea of the kid being the villain was interesting, it reminded me of one of the Robocop films where the villain was a kid also.

The film had potential and it was not bad. But it just took too long to get the action. The slow pace of the film got a little bit tiresome at one point and I just wanted to get to the action because I feel that was the main interesting part of what the trailer showed. The movie just had interesting concepts like the elf’s working for the military, but it was not enough to make the film good. I lost interest in the film and I kept hoping for something to get my attention but it came too late. The kid was not an interesting villain and they could have done more with that character and the hitman is not interesting at all.

I am a fan of Mel Gibson and I hope he gets better roles soon, he is a great actor. He does his job but the film is just good. The concept and the idea of seeing Santa in the war were interesting but the war was too short in my opinion.

I think it could have been a better action film. Maybe they had another idea for the film that just being an action film. But for me, it got good when Chris finally engages against the hitman and the hitman says that he never got what he wanted for Christmas. Sadly, this happened when the movie has 15 minutes left. And the ending was good and maybe what should have been seen an little early.

It is entertaining and is not like I had a lot of expectations for the film. Just feel they had an interesting idea and could have done so much with the film.

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