Saved by the bell (2020)

Developed by Tracey Wigfield

Starring Mario Lopez, Elizabeth Berkley, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffany Thiesen, Haskiri Velazquez, Mitchell Hoog

In the era of reboots and bringing back iconic characters and shows back from history, I never expected this one. Saved by the bell is more a teenage cult classic of the Saturday morning line up where we had good cartoons and cool shows for teenagers. I grew up loving this show and I admit, I still do. They tried to take the series to a different place with the College Years but having Screech still as the same silly character I think ruined the show, not the actor and not necessarily the character, it was more keeping him the same and not changing as the others did in some ways.

So what did I think of the reboot? I thought it was great. Having a writer from 30 Rock benefited the show and made it more edgy and funny. I feared that I would just like seeing Slater and Jessie and what they were up to and not care about the kids. That did not happen, the students are good characters and I liked the idea of mixing the high society public schools with the poor public school kids. I found the principal to be funny played by actor John Michael Higgins. I think they did a good job of keeping the nostalgic factor while taking the show in a different and more serious direction. It is still about kids and the school but it felt refreshed. It is not perfect it has its moments that I did not like but they were few. Oh, I did not like the new intro, they should have used the original. Also, they managed to use little storylines that would resemble the old show.

Of course, the episode where we finally the gang together again was so great and they did it right. The characters have grown a bit apart found a way to their friendship. The show also has a lot of jokes that those who saw the show back then will get and even has one of the original teachers from the original show appear as a teacher in the reboot. It pays homage and at times parodies the silliness of the original show.

Available now on the Peacock streaming service, it has 10 episodes. I have seen most of the reboots in the past few years and this one with the 90210 reboots are the two best ones for me. Fuller House was good but it just felt like rewatching the original Full House at times, Girl meets world was good also, and Boy meets world is one of my favorite show of all times, but I only loved the episodes where Shawn and old characters appeared, but I think being on Disney affected what this show could have been. What I liked about this reboot is that it had the characters I loved with interesting new characters and new writers that made the show different. I don’t know if that will affect as it did for 90210 where people just wanted the conventional reboot, I loved what they did.

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