Hillbillies Elegy (2020)

Directed by Ron Howard

Starring Amy Adams, Glen Close, Haley Bennett, Gabriel Basso

I love coming into a film without knowing much about it, just saw one trailer and I had not read what it was about. I saw that it had two great actresses like Close and Adams and that was enough for me to see the film that just arrived on Netflix. I love this kind of movie, based on true events and the drama that is life. And having Ron Howard direct is great because he has a good ability in telling stories.

The story focuses on how J.D. sees his family. The story starts as he is trying to get a summer internship to pay for his law studies at Yale University. When he gets a call from his sister that their mother was in the hospital because of a heroin overdose. As he goes back to his hometown he reflects on his past and how it made him who he was.

What can I say I loved it, the story was moving, funny at times but always honest as it presents these characters as real people. I think it did not hold back at making the characters better than they were, but yet within the ugliness we saw two mothers trying their best. It has some scenes that are hard to see, Bev as a mother has a lot of questionable moments but I think the film slowly allows the audience to understand her and what she went through and how she might just be passing what she lived through herself. I think it serves as a reminder that no family is perfect but there is always space for love and forgiveness and that through it all there can be good moments.

I have to praise Glen Close, she has been delivering Oscar-worthy performances for a while and I was surprised that she lost for the movie The Wife. Here once again she delivers an amazing performance and, in the end, when we see home videos she nailed the look of the character. I can’t tell how it will work this year but for now, she has my vote for Best supporting actress. Amy Adams gave a heartbreaking performance. She was sweet but at the same time so ugly at times that it was so amazing to see. Haley Bennett and Gabriel Basso were also great in their performance.

Like always it all depends on the kind of films you like but as a fan of drama and real-life stories this one I recommend. It is a great film with great performances.

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