I have reviewed two Stryper albums for my page: To hell with the Devil and Even the Devil Believes. Today I got to listen to their early albums and some recent ones that I never heard before and decided to rank their albums.

Stryper is above all a great metal band, they are good musicians and have endured over the years, since they got together again in 1999 they have been very productive. I like the fact that I can listen to hard rock, which I like, and not worry about the songs having so many dark lyrics. So, here I list their albums from least favorite to my favorite. I did not include the album Covering because it consisted of cover songs and Second Coming because they were songs re-recorded, not that they were not good albums but I focused n the ones with original materials.

11. The Yellow and Black Attack

Their debut album, I liked the album but compared to the rest of their catalogue. The songs are good but it felt like the sound was not yet there for the band, at least for me. In the case of Stryper the list does not say an album was bad, I’m just putting them in the order of personal preference.

10. Against the law

Based on what I heard about the album, I thought it was going to bad. I understand the departure in the lyrics not being as Christ centered as the other albums, but they were good songs and they sounded great. I think it was as good as the two albums before but it was not a bad album as I thought it was. All for One, Not that kind of guy and Lady were good songs.

09. Soldiers Under Command

Their second album is a much better album than the first. I think Stryper now is a much stronger band both musically and lyrically that contrary to what happens to me with other bands that I like better the early stuff, with Stryper I like in the most part their newer albums.

08. Reborn

Their first album after a long period being apart. I had no idea that it took so many years, 1990 to 2005, for them to make a new album. Happy that they got together again and from then on given us great music.

07. In God we Trust

This one has a few classics like Always there for you and a song I loved in I believe in you.

06. Murder by pride

This was a great album, I got into it right from the first track. Eclipse of the son is a great mix of hard rock but yet it had punk feel in the music, with great words. Peace of mind is a great track. Overall, another great album by the group.

05. God Damn Evil

The tittle track is one great rock track and the words relevant to these times. The best songs for me in the album are are it to the cross, God damn Evil, and Beautiful.

04. Fallen

Yahweh is one of my favorite Stryper songs. I just love the lead and background vocals, the melody, and the way it tells the story of Jesus and his sacrifice. It is a powerful song. Fallen is another excellent track. I loved the message in the song Big Screen Lies and how films usually portray believers. This is a great album.

03. No more Hell to pay

I loved this album. I heard it today and I just loved the lyrics and the music within this album. Not a weak song on this album in my opinion, just like the remaining albums. This was an album that grabbed me, I had to listen to it could not turn away.

02. To Hell with the Devil

This was a hard choice, I think it qualifies as a tie between this one and the one in number 1. This album has a lot of value to me both because of the music in it and the sentimental value. The songs in this album spoke and speak to me and I relate to the songs so much. Calling on you is a song that I can say, like many fans do, that it was written for me. I relate so much to the lyrics. Honestly is a classic and beautiful ballad and Holding on is another song that I just relate so much to it. It has great rock songs like Free, To hell with the devil.

01. Even the devil believes

I never though I would ever like an album more than To hell with the devil, but this one just beat it, but it is very close, I love both albums. When I first heard it I found that every track was at another level. The lyrics are so on point and relatable to me. The sound of the band is just perfect. Make love great again sounds as something so needed in this world filled with intolerance from all sides. Do unto others, Let him in and Even the devil believes all great songs. The second side of the vinyl has three of my favorite Stryper songs and from this album. How to fly and divider are so good. This I pray os such an amazing song and it the words touched me and serves to me as a prayer as I felt the same as every word.

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