The life ahead (2020)

Directed by Edoardo Ponti

Starring Sophia Loren, Ibrahima Gueye

I read about this film and the talk of Sophia Loren earning an Oscar nomination. In all honesty, I have not seen her in other films, or at least that I can remember now, but this feels like a comeback film for her in ways.

The film focuses on Momo, an orphan in the care of a doctor. He is a troubled kid that when caught stealing, the doctor asks Rosa to take care of Momo. What starts as a forced situation turns into a friendship that benefits both of them. But Momo struggles between his dealings and the care he has for Rosa.

The story of a kid in a troubled path is not new, but I believe lives can have similar things and yet have a particular part that makes it a unique story. I liked the story and it was a nice film about the power of showing someone you simply care. I liked that nothing was forced, no traditional fights with the troubled kid, everyone knew the bad path he was on, but they all tried to just care for him until he found his way. I think this is a very moving movie. A beautiful movie about the power of love and how it can change any life.

Like I before, I can’t remember any other film by Sophia Loren, but this is a beautiful performance. Worthy of the Oscar-buzz is getting. But Ibrahim Gueye’s performance as Momo can’t be ignored. That kid gave a great performance. I could feel the emotions of the character just by the facial expressions. I don’t know the rest of the cast but they all gave good performances.

It is a simple drama about people and how we can have an impact on each other’s lives because the story might focus on how Momo needed love, but Momo had an impact on Rosa as her health deteriorates. Available on Netflix I recommend the movie if you like drama movies.

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