Without a doubt, Queen is one of the most influential bands in music history. I first heard the band through the movie Wayne’s World in the famous scene where they play Bohemian Rhapsody. Through that, I heard other songs. I also remember the Freddie Mercury tribute concert, to this one of the best concerts I’ve seen.

The truth is that Brian and Roger have been able to keep the band alive even after losing Freddie. Deacon retired, but the band currently tours with Adam Lambert and it can never be the same, but he holds his own on stage. Now some say that Queen is the best band from the UK, in that I can’t agree, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin are better bands for me, but they do rank as the third and just like The Beatles and Zeppelin, Queen was a band where all members were essential. May, Mercury, Taylor, and Deacon all wrote great music and had songs that were hits.

For the most part, I was the greatest hits fan. I had not listened to the albums and there are a lot of good songs missed if only focused on the hits. I have been listening to their albums and decided that once I finish them all I would rate the albums.

They made 15 studio albums but for this list, I am not including The Flash album they made, it is a soundtrack and for me did not feel like a true album. I am not including live albums either.

14. Hot Space

Great bands can make a bad album and still have good songs. I guess this album might be considered their worst by many. I am sure they wanted to try new things and that is admirable but it did not work for me. The songs I liked from the album are the ones close to their rock roots rather than this disco scene music that is all over this album.

13. The Miracle

I had more expectations for this album because the previous ones were so good. I liked a few songs in it as I want it all, but overall, I did not love the album.

12. Sheer heart attack

This is the last of the albums by Queen where I liked few songs on it. I love Stone Cold Crazy, Dear Friends, and Misfire. The rest of the songs are good but I can’t say I loved them.

11. Queen II

The second album. For me, it was not better than their first album, although both albums feel similar in the production and kind of songs. Queen at first wrote what I believe to be theatrical songs. This one has good songs like Father and Son, Some Day One Day, White Queen, and the Seven Seas of Rhye.

10. Innuendo

The last album recorded by Freddie in his lifetime, it is an incredible album and I admit from this point on they are hard to rank. This album has great songs with touching lyrics. I’m going slightly mad is my favorite of the album, I just love the words, and Freddie’s performance on the song and the video is just perfect. These are the days of our lives is a beautiful song. Musically and lyrically it’s a great album even with the sadness behind it, being the last album with Freddie.

09. Queen I

Their debut album and it got the band on the right track. I think it is a great album. Keep yourself alive is a great opening track, I love it. Doing All Right is a great ballad. It shows the unique talent in the band to write interesting music like Great Rat King. from the start the band showed how great they could harmonize their voices, something explored even more in future albums.

08. Made in Heaven

Released after Freddie passed away, this was the band completing material Mercury left for them to finish as well as the band taking Mercury’s solo songs and recording over them and making them more Queen. The album worked well, I think it is a beautiful album and has amazing tracks in it.

07. Kind of Magic

This album has the energy of their Live Aid performance. The band was together on this album and the results are a great album. The opening song and A kind of magic are great songs. One year of love is a beautiful song. Other classics like Who wants to live forever, Friends will be friends are part of this album.

06. News of the World

Few albums can have as their opening songs two rock anthems. Queen did with this album. We will rock is a simple song with claps and voices and a guitar at the end, and the result is one amazing song to sing live in concert. We are the champions is one song used in sports even though I don’t know if Mercury had that in mind when he wrote it. The lyrics to that song are so good, among Mercury’s best. The rest of the album is a great mix of simple rock that I liked a lot. After the great operatic style in the last two albums, this was a nice change for the band and the result is a great album.

05. The game

I found hard ranking the last 5 albums, “The game” has some classics songs in it like Play the game, Crazy little thing called love and Another one bites the dust. It a collection of great songs by all members of the band. Deacon’s Need your love tonight is a great song, Sail Away Sweet Sister is a song I heard before on a Guns N’ Roses concert but they did not sing the whole song so, it was good listening to the whole song.

04. A Night at the opera

Queen had a mission on making a unique album and they achieved it. This in my opinion is their Sgt Pepper’s, a masterpiece of sound but not the best songs overall. Just like Pepper, it is a defining album and has great songs, but like The Beatles had better songs on the White Album and Abbey Road, I found that Queen had better albums were more songs were good. The album of course has the classic song Bohemian Rhapsody. Other songs I liked were 39’, Love of my life and You’re my best friend.

03. The works

This is a great album. from the first song to the last they are all good songs. Radio Ga Ga is a classic song. I want to break is one of my favorite songs from Queen. Hammer to fall a great rock track and ending the album with the song Is this the world we created is just perfect.

02. Jazz

This album surprised me. I thought I would not like it as much and it ended being one of my favorite albums by Queen. The first song I did not get it, but from Fat Bottom Girls I found myself enjoying every song so much. Jealousy is a great song, If you can’t beat them, let me entertain you, in only seven days and Dreamer’s ball are all great tracks.

01. A day at the races

Following the same path taken on their last album, the band continued with songs that included rock, opera-style, and even classical music. What I love most is the harmonies in the songs. The vocal performance by the band on Somebody to love is amazing, and the song itself is amazing. The song that I found myself loving was Let u cling together, with parts sang in Japanese.

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