We bought a zoo (2011)

Directed by Cameron Crowe

Starring Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansen, Thomas Hayden Church. Patrick Fugit, Elle Fanning

I will be honest. I wanted to see the film for a weird reason. I don’t know if you reader knows about a long-running joke between Matt and tv talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. They have humiliated each other in public pretending to hate each other. During Kimmel’s year hosting the Oscars, he made fun of this movie. That is the main reason, but I admit I am a fan of Cameron Crowe and his movies, although after Almost Famous they have not been the same.

Based on a true story. Benjamin Mee is a father of two kids and just recently lost his wife. He quit his job and looking to start over he decides to buy a zoo.

What can I say? Is the movie so bad as to make fun of it, no I don’t think so? But as far as Cameron Crowe movies, he has done better. It has all the signature things in his films like cool music and his stories have heart I give him that. With movies like Jerry Maguire and one of my favorites Almost Famous, Crowe was able to grab me emotionally to the story from start to finish. That did not happen with this one, it was nice and all but not as captivating as the other films I mentioned.

The movie has good actors who did their jobs. I can’t say anything bad about the performances. I like Thomas Hayden Church he is funny in the scenes he is in. It was good to see Patrick Fugit.

I get why Kimmel makes his jokes about the film. But I believe it has good things.

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