Missing (1982)

Directed by Costa-Gavras

Starring Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek

This is a film I saw on HBO once, it already had started but it got my attention so I rented it later. I am not big on political films but this one I liked because politics is not the main story, is the human tragedy that falls victim to politics.

The movie is about Charles Horman who lived in Chile and worked as an American journalist with his wife Beth. When he disappeared, Ed Horman, his father, arrives to find his son. Ed and Beth do not get along and he blames them for their political views for the disappearance of his son. He is a patriot who slowly loses faith in his government and learns to care for his daughter in law.

The movie is based on a military coup in 1973. It is shown that Charles was inquisitive and asked a lot of questions and that could have led to his capture. The film is hard to see as the violence and the injustice of the coup are shown although not as much as other movies might show. It is so frustrating to see how the government covering their tracks would not help them even when they were American citizens. The pace of the film is done right as we go back and forward in time to trace the timeline of what happened.

The best part of the film is the performance of Jack Lemmon. I have not seen all his films but he is a proven actor and in this film, he is just perfect. He portrays the desperation a father would feel in this situation to perfection. Sissy Spacek is also great in the film, she is a strong character in spite of what she was going through yet she had the vulnerability and shows the pain a wife would feel on that situation.

This is an old film but it is worth seeing.

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