The Devils Advocate (1997)

Directed by Taylor Hackford

Starring Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, Craig T. Nelson

I was watching this movie yesterday and I have to say I enjoyed it. I think it has a cool concept having the devil as the head of a law firm.

The movie follows Kevin Lomax, a star lawyer from Gainesville, Florida that after winning another trial he is called by a law firm from New York city hoping he helps them in jury selection and joins the firm. Kevin gets deeper into the firm and forms a relationship with the head of the firm John Milton. Soon Kevin finds out there is so much more about the firm than he thought.

I can’t say it’s a perfect film, but it is entertaining. For me, the best thing about the film is Al Pacino, he has so many great scenes in this movie. The story is interesting how they took the law to apply the works of the devil (by no means do I think that of lawyers). The religious aspects of the film take the classic battle between good and evil looked with the point of view of a non-believer like Kevin.

I think Pacino’s performance is amazing in this film, maybe a bit over the top at times but I think it served the character. The scene in the subway where he speaks Spanish to some Cuban thugs was so funny and of course his speech at the end, “So many names….”. Keanu Reeves also gave a good performance as we see his descent into the evil of his ego. Second, to Pacino, Theron gave the best performance. Her character suffers so much and she showed that so well in her performance.

I can’t say this is a horror film but it has some dark images. The ending is so perfect as Pacino says his lines and in comes the Rolling Stones’ song Paint it black.

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