On the rocks (2020)

Directed by Sofia Coppola

Starring Bill Murray, Rashida Jones, Marlon Wayans

I am a fan of Sofia Coppola, I have not seen all her films, but she has a unique style and ability to make stories. The Virgins suicides were the first one I saw and I loved it, Lost in translation translation was also a great one. Here she reunites with Bill Murray on a nice film.

Laura is married with two kids and feels stuck. She starts to suspect that her husband is cheating and she tells her father, so he comes to help her figure out if he is indeed being unfaithful.

At first, I was not into the film, but as I kept watching I just fell in love with the story and the two main characters. Just like Lost in translation, we have two characters lost in sole ways of finding comfort in each other, in this case, a father and daughter bonding and going on this spying adventure together. I loved the fact that it was not as cliched as it could have been.

Bill Murray always feels like he is in search of an Oscar, but his performance is charming and funny. It is a fun character to play, and he achieved in creating a distant father that somehow really cared for his family despite all his imperfections. Rashida Jones was great also, her character was always calm and not neurotic as some characters facing cheating husbands are written. Together they carry this charming film.

I loved the film, it was very well directed and written by Coppola, with two good actors doing the story justice.

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