Freddy vs Jason (2003)

Directed by Ronny Yu

Starring Robert Englund, Ken Kirzinger, Monica Keena, Jason Ritter, Kelly Rowland

For those of us who grew up with those Jason and Freddy movies, this was a film we were waiting for. The rumor of a film with the two iconic characters was around for many years but it was in 2003 when finally the movie was made.

The story begins with Freddy recruiting Jason to go to elm street to kill the children of the town so they think is Freddy and start to fear him again. The fear gives Freddy his powers. Jason goes on a killing spree as Freddy gets his strength again. A group of teenagers plans a way to kill both Freddy and Jason. When Freddy is brought to the real world, the fight begins.

With these films, we can’t expect masterpieces in storytelling. But, I will say they found a clever way to bring these two characters together. Having Freddy use Jason to make the children fear him was clever. Also, they maintained the spirit of both franchises. The story itself is normal for these films, kids getting slashed by these two killers and the group that stands up to them.

I have always preferred a Nightmare on Elm Street over Friday the 13th, so for me, Freddy was the best in the movie in terms of performance. Robert Englund is funny and scary as always.

The movie was not scary for me, it was funnier than anything else. There were some cool moments like Jason in the cornfield. And the final battle was fun to see. Was the movie perfect, no, but it served is the purpose of being a fun film and finally having these characters in one film.

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