John Lennon: Gimme some truth (2020)

Various Producers

To celebrate what would have been John Lennon’s 80th birthday, Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono decided to remix some of John’s best songs and release this 36 song collection.

I am a big Lennon fan and what I liked most of this idea was listening to the new mixes of the songs. I have to say it does sound better. John’s voice and the instruments sound clearer. I have yet to receive my physical copy so I will update when I recieve it to give my thoughts on the book and the package.

As far as the songs, I like that they went deep into the album and included songs never included in this kind of compilation. I agree with most of the tracks selected, maybe all except How do you sleep?!, I think other tracks deserved to be included more than that one, although I like the song, it does bring to memory the feud with Paul.

For new Beatles fans that would like to hear Lennon’s solo work, this is a great introduction. If you have the albums it is worth it if you like remastered version of music and the package.

I think Lennon’s solo work is underrated and this collection adds evidence of how good was the music and his lyrics. He was a true songwriter, willing to open his heart with his music and let the fans in on his world.

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