Tom Petty: Wildflowers and all the rest (2020)

Produced by Tom Petty, Rick Rubin, and Mike Campbell

This is regarded as one of his best albums and the story goes that he recorded enough songs for a double album but the label wanted a single album. For years, Tom wanted to re-release this album with all the songs recorded for it, some never released.

I had the original album, but this release gave an opportunity to revisit the album and listen to the unreleased tracks and I have to say it took time but it was worth the wait, I don’t know know why not release them back then but that how went. Tom Petty is a brilliant songwriter and it goes to show so clear on this album. Some of the lines written in this album are so great. For example, “just play dumb, whatever you know, from the song You Wreck me. The whole lyrics for Its good to be king and You don’t know how it feels are just three examples of the great songs written for this album.

The original album was great, what about the new songs? Sometimes these re-releases include songs that are not at par with the songs included on the final release. In this box set that does not apply. It is clear upon listening to the music that each song recorded was intended and was worthy of release. Something could happen, Leave Virginia alone, California areal great tracks and would have made the original release better. The one I liked the best was Hung up and overdue.

It was a situation like The Beatles White Album, George Martin wanted one single album, The Beatles decided to go for the double album, and its a classic. In the end, it was released as a single album and it was great, now finally as intended it is a much better album. The super deluxe edition has a lot more cool stuff like live songs and home demos.

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