Bon Jovi: 2020 (2020)

Produced Jon Bon Jovi and Billy Shanks

I want to start by saying I am a fan of this band. The fact that they have lasted this long when many other bands have not says a lot. Through the years they have been able to release great albums.

I have mixed feelings about the album. The themes in Jon Bon Jovi’s lyrics are important and he expressed himself well. But that meant the album had no balance in the mood and the songs. I admire the songs and the ones that were good were really good. I also think the album and the band need Sambora’s contributions both in the songs and the guitars.

The songs American Reckoning, Do what you can, and Lower the flag are the best songs in my opinion. Lower the flag is a moving song that references the gun violence and names some of the tragedies of mass shootings. Do what you can is a song about how Covid-19 has changed all our lives.

Apart from those three songs, the rest are good songs but nothing great. I think faithful fans will like the album, casual fans maybe. I enjoyed the album but apart from those three songs I don’t think I might re-listen the album. But music has the ability to mean something different to everyone so this is is just my opinion.

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