Elton John: Peachtree Road (2005)

Produced by Elton John

I have set my mind to find an artist that I like but I’ve known mostly the hits. I did that with Billy Joel and Motley Crüe. Now I’m listening to Elton John’s discography. He has made a lot of albums so I can’t say I will get to them all, but I will try.

I stumbled upon this record that I really don’t even remember. I might have not heard his albums but I knew of the releases. This one as I read was not as successful as other albums Elton’s has made. Right from the start, I was surprised by the album. The first song is called the weight of the world and that reminded me of the Ringo Starr song with the same name, I wanted to see if it was similar, and with that thought, I started the album, and then I could not turn away from it.

An artist as good as Elton has the ability to have gems in every album. But I have to say that this has to be among his best, at least from the ones I’ve heard. In terms of the lyrics, Bernie Taupin is at the top of his game on the game. They can go from a love song to a reflective lyrics. And Elton provides the perfect music for every word that Taupin gave him. After so many years of working together, they have a musical bond that few teams have and might ever have to still be producing great music.

I found myself glued to the album. If you are a fan of Elton this album won’t disappoint and if you are like me a casual fan of Elton, this album is worth the time.

The album has 15 tracks and I can say even the weakest song is still a good song. I enjoyed the whole album.

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