Class Action Park (2020)

Directed by Seth Porges and Chris Charles Scott III

This review might be for those who have HBO Max because that is where I saw it. I like HBO documentaries, I have seen a few and enjoyed them and documentaries overall. I like that they tell a story like a movie but using real footage and real accounts of different perspectives of a topic.

This one is about a park that existed in New Jersey from 1978 to 1996. It chronicles the life of its creator Eugene Mulvihill and it’s told through a narrator and accounts from those who worked there or attended the park. What is interesting about this story is the poor safety measures and the lack of rules. Through what interviewers said there were no rules, alcohol all around and kids could do what they wanted.

I never heard of such a park and therefore I was surprised at the accounts told in the documentary about the danger in the rides, the many injuries and the craziness that apparently went on in the park. Sadly, we are told of George Larsson who died in the Alpine Ride bu falling off the ride and hitting his head on rocks they were told to get out and they did not do it.

It is an interesting documentary and for me who had no idea about the park, it was interesting to hear the stories and even spot the hist from headbanger’s ball in footage from the park.

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