Enola Holmes (2020)

Directed by Harry Bradbeer

Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter

This film is a mystery film on the style of Sherlock Holmes. The story is about Enola who wakes up one morning to find that her mother’s gone missing and her brothers are coming and one brother is her ward and wants to send her to a special school for girls. She is the sister of the great detective Sherlock Holmes and she has to find her own set of skills to find her mother.

The film for me was too long. In the beginning, I felt it took too much time to develop the main plot and get interesting. The second hour felt more interesting and intriguing and it got more entertaining for me. I found annoying the style of the film where the protagonist talked to the camera, this has been done before but in this film, it just bothered me. But having said that I think is a fun film for a Saturday night.

I also would have liked a little more interaction with her brother Sherlock, they seemed to be talented directives and it would have been nice to see them together in that sense, although I understand that this was her story. But the scenes with Enola and Sherlock were so good that it would have been cool to have more scenes with them, maybe if they do a sequel.

The performances are good, Millie and Louis were good in their roles. Helena Bonham Carter is an established actress and she always gives good performances. Henry Cavill was also good although as I said I would have liked to him in more scenes.

In the end for me it’s a film of two parts. The first one I felt was a bit slow, the second part was much better. But overall I enjoyed the film and I’m sure many people will enjoy it also.

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