Point Break (1991)

Directed by Kathryn Bigelow

Starring Keane Reeves and Patrick Swayze

This is one of those movies that for me never gets old. I have seen quite a few times and I always enjoy it. You can say that this movie inspired the Fast and Furious but thankfully stayed with one good film and not do eight not necessary sequels.

Johnny Utah is new in the FBI and is assigned bank robbery division. The ex-presidents is a group that has been robbing banks for years now and no one has been able to get them. One clue on them is sand so they figure the crew are surfers. Utah learns to surf to go undercover in hopes of finding the bank robbers.

I could not even see the remake because I knew they would screw up the film, I don’t know if they did but based what I’ve heard they did. The story in this film is basic but I like the conflict of becoming a friend with what he was chasing. Just like Johnny Depp in Donnie Brasco where he just does not want to come out because he knows they will kill Lefty (Al Pacino). The characters are not the usual surfer type we see in films, they have depth and are likable and as an audience wish that they could stay as friends in the end. The action and the extreme sport aspect of the film give it something extra. It has a few cliches of this kind of films but they are little.

What made this film work was the great performances by Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves. Swayze did a great job at creating this mystic character in search for the perfect rush. Keanu Reeves was also great in the film even showing traces of Ted in one scene.

This a great action adventure film. It is a fun thrilling ride.

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