The Secret: Dare to Dream (2020)

Directed by Andy Tennant

Starring Katie Holmes, Josh Lucas

I rented this film without knowing it was based on a self-help book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I have to admit that in recent years I experienced a few hard situations and I began to see this kind of feelgood films just to get my mind away from whatever I was going on. I am clear that they are not masterpieces but can be entertaining if the level of corniness remains on the correct balance.

Melinda Wells is a widower raising three kids. She is having trouble financially when she meets Bray Johnson when she bumps his car in an accident. He then begins to help in her different ways while he tries to give her an envelope.

Okay, what can I say, I think the fact that it is based on a self-help book means that those who follow that philosophy will enjoy the movie as it tries so hard to push that line of thinking. For example, Hallmark movies sometimes feel like a fairy tale where everything is solved in the last 15 minutes, but from them, it is expected and it is not because of some philosophy, it’s just the type of films they make. That aspect of the story, I did not like that much because I felt like they are trying to sell me the book when life is not as easy of thinking of something to get it. Maybe that is my problem I don’t know. I guess it would have been better to see the film without knowing it was based on that book, but I recognized the symbol the cover of the film had. Besides that, they were clever with the envelope not being revealed until late in the film because it did keep me interested in finding out what it was, although I suspected what it was.

Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas are both very good in the movie. I liked Holmes’s character better because Luca’s character felt a bit unreal to me, too perfect, but that has nothing to with his performance.

This is a nice family film that is enjoyable, it has a good story.

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