Challenger: The Final Flight (2020)

Developed by Steven Leckhart and Glen Zipper

I was 6 years old when the tragedy of the Challenger happened. I have vague memories of my mother talking about it as an event that shocked the world and was televised. Because of YouTube I have seen the footage and knew about the teacher that was on board. But I admit this documentary made it more real for me.

Divided into four episodes, the documentaries take through the history of what was the Space Shuttle program. It takes a look at the crew and engineers involved in the process of building the shuttle to the launch. On the technical side, it was really interesting to see the process within NASA, the training, and every little detail that goes into every launch.

Just like Titanic, there was a mix of human arrogance and lack of focus on what was really important, which had to be the safety of the people on board. Hearing how some of the people involved saw things that could go wrong and caved to the pressure is hard and I admire that they were honest in talking about what went on and I could see the regret in their eyes, of course in all fairness in hindsight the decisions are easier to make, to there is also just plain human error in what happened. Like always NASA covering up their mistakes. The part of the investigation was both interesting and frustrating to see how they make decisions knowing the risks.

The hardest part is for sure hearing the families talk about the tragedy. The news footage was heartbreaking as many saw this on live television. This documentary is great because it adds to the legacy of those lost in the shuttle because we get to know them as people not just as victims of the tragedy. It makes it sadder at the sale time.

Also, it was to see the regret in those involved in the process some tried to warn them and had no real power in the final decision others had the power to cancel the launch.

I believe this is a great documentary. For me, it was good because I remember the tragedy but not with much detail and it made it more shocking and important to me.

Those lost on that failed launch. Never forgotten.

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