The rewrite (2014)

Directed by Marc Lawrence

Starring Hugh Grant, Marisa Tomei, J.K. Simons

I have nothing against romantic moody movies. There are some of them that have nice stories behind them and can be enjoyable. The rewrite falls under that category. This kind of film for me depends on a lot of the chemistry between the leading actors. Call these movies my guilty pleasures films, I know they are not masterpieces but sometimes I enjoy a good one.

The story is about Keith Michaels, a screenwriter who won an Oscar for a film 15 years ago and has not had another successful movie. He can’t be hired to do another a film and needing a job he is forced to take a writing class for future screenwriters.

The story had its good moments even if it felt like a lot of other movies I have seen before. I think the story of a reluctant character forced into a situation and finding he likes it and changes have been done so many times and that is fine it all depends on how it is done and how is the process the character goes through. The story of the film was sweet but there was nothing new or something to make it stand out from other films with similar stories. I don’t think it was a bad movie I enjoyed it but it felt too familiar. For movies with familiar storylines, the main thing for them is the characters and Liked the characters of this movie. The students in these films usually are given forced personality to force some kind of comedy, this film had one but it did not affect the film.

Hugh Grant is good but I have to say he has played this character so many times he just nails it. Of course, for me, his best performance is in About a boy, in this film he just felt a bit like his performance in Music and Lyrics but maybe that is because both characters were formerly famous and in the present were not. Marisa Tomei is sweet as Holly. The whole cast gives fine performances expected for these films.

If you like rom-com movies this one is fina and enjoyable.

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