Transformers War for Cybertron (2020)

Directed by Takashi Kamei

Kazuma Shimizu


Growing up I loved the Transformers, both the cartoons and the toys. When it comes to the movies I have mixed feelings. The first two are not entirely bad, but it feels more a movie about a man and the military instead of a real battle between the Decepticons and the Auto-Bots.

So when I saw the show on Netflix I had my reservations but I decided to see it. I have to say that I enjoyed this first part of the series. The style of animation feels modern but yet has the classic style. The characters are designed as I remember them. The story is centered on the War for Cybertron. Both sides are trying to end the war by finding the Allspark.

I have enjoyed the series. It has a good story filled with drama and action. The animation looks great. As a fan, I’m glad they made this show and that they kept the elements of the original show and yet moved forward.

The first part of the trilogy is now available on Netflix.

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