The Devil all the time (2020)

Directed by Anton Campos

Starring Tom Holland, Bill Skarsgård, Riley Keough, Haley Bennett, Sebastian Stan

I went into the film without knowing what I was about to see. I knew the cast it had and that caught my attention.

The movie is complicated to explain. But it is about different people and how their lives somehow collide and connect with each other. It all starts with Willard as he goes to war and returns. He stops at a little town and meets Charlotte. He married her and has a son. From there on I would only spoil the story, so I won’t say anymore regarding the plot. That is where the film begins and from then on it’s an interesting journey.

This is a hard film to see. This movie takes a look at the dangerous side of religion and those who become fanatic. Also, just look at the bad sides of people and how that can drive them to do things that are not right. It is a sad truth that people can become so fanatic that do things misunderstanding or using the bible for their own purpose. It reminded me a little of the movie Little Children in the sense that it had a narrator taking us through the thoughts of each character, good and bad. I think it was a good film. Just like Little Children, I was intrigued by all these characters and the flaws they live with.

The last hour for me got so tense because my mind was going through all the possible outcomes that by the end I hardly could watch. Because Arvin as a character is not bad, he is just taking what he learned and surviving, and in the end, you just want him to be ok.

I think this movie is very provocative and a bit shocking. I liked the way the story slowly brings together every character in the story. It does focus a lot of religion and how when taken out of its true essence, it can become dangerous and do so much harm. I have to say not all preachers or believers are as portrayed in this film.

I was impressed with Tom Holland’s performance. I only have seen him on Spider-Man and in this film he was great in the role. Also, Robert Pattinson was also great. His portrayal of a corrupt preacher was really good proving that he has gone beyond his Twilight days. Sebastian Stan was also good in the film.

It is one of those films that leaves you shocked and thinking about what you just saw. I think it’s a good film, I can’t say that I would see it again but not because it is bad, is just hard to see.

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