The king of Staten Island (2020)

Directed by Judd Apatow

Starring Pete Davidson, Bel Powley, Marisa Tomei,

When I saw the trailer this film looked interesting and seemed like an interesting story where characters go through changes through the movie.

The story centers around Scott, he is 24 years old and is a high school drop out who spends his life smoking weed. He lost his father when he was 7 years and has medical conditions. His mother and his sister constantly worry about him because of how he acts. Things get harder for him when his mother starts dating Ray and steps in their lives.

I did enjoy the movie a lot, it has a basic human story of how the people around us can have a healing effect on our lives if we allow them. Scott as a character sometimes is hard to like him but as an audience, we understand his journey and the movie does a good job of making the audience go on that journey, at least for me I wanted to see what would take to reach this kid. It is funny and moving. I saw this film on September 12th and to find that this movie was based on Pete Davidson’s father who, like Scott’s father, died helping people on that awful day was heartbreaking. We are now getting the stories of the kids who lost families on that day. But that fact is not mentioned as a focal point. The movie is just about this kid trying to get it together.

The performances were good. I was impressed with Peterson’s performance. I only have seen him on Saturday Night Live and The Dirt so this is my first look at a movie where he is the main character. He was effective in the role and not always an actor who is portraying some aspects of his life works on the screen. Marisa Tomei is great in the movie. Comedian Bill Burr is also good in the film. The film has a really good cast and they all gave sincere performances.

I was invested in the story and I liked the movie a lot. But, I love movies where we have characters that through life are driven to change for the better.

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