Irresistible (2020)

Directed by Jon Stewart

Starring Steve Carrell, Chris Cooper, Rose Byrne

I never really followed Jon Stewart’s show, but I have seen clips of some of his shows and he did provide a funny take on politics and other events of the world. Here he goes into writing and directing a film.

Gary Zimmer was a campaign consultant that took hard the loss in the 2016 election. One night he saw the video of Jack Hasting speaking in a town meeting. Gary sees an opportunity to better the chances for the democratic party if he gets Jack to run for mayor of his town. Things get heated when his rival Faith comes to back the other mayor candidate.

To be fair I am not that big on politics and this film is mainly a look at how flawed the political campaign process does not really work. It shows the length each party goes to in order to win. I have read a lot of good reviews and that is why I wanted to fair and say that before going to my opinion. I tried to get into the film but I couldn’t. It had its funny moments but not enough for me. I don’t know I just could not into the story.

The performances work because the film has a very talented cast. But that just was not enough for me to really like the film. I appreciate Jon Stewart’s effort at exposing the hypocrisy in politics but for me, I think I would have rather seen him do it on his show format.

I guess if you are a fan of Jon Stewart you might enjoy the film.

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