Stryper “Even the devil believes” (2020)

Produced by Michel Sweet

Even if you are not a fan, you have to admit that this band has stayed alive when a lot of other bands have not, and even more important they keep releasing great albums and move forward with the music not just repeating a formula. I have grown as a bigger fan now than I ever was.

Today their new album is being released and I’m still waiting for my vinyl but I bought the digital version of the album because I wanted to hear it. No regrets here. What an album. I have to agree with Michael Sweet when he says it is their best one yet. I have loved their latest releases from Fallen to God damn evil, but this one blew me away. From the lyrics to the music. The sound is amazing, I can’t wait to listen to my vinyl copy when it arrives.

From the first song to the last they were all great songs. For what I have been reading many believe this is a great album and I agree. Blood from above starts the album at a great pace. A great rock track and from there the album does not disappoint. I love the message of the second song Make love great again as it makes us reflect and think that it is on us to make things better, at least that what I got. Then we by making changes in ourselves and how we are to others we can make love great again. The other song that stood out to me was This I pray, the guitar work on the song and the lyrics were just right. I could relate so much to the words, I needed that song as I pray God picks me up with his grace and give me one more try, one more day. Other songs that stood out for me were Let Him in, Do unto others, even the devil believes and How to fly. But the whole album is great.

I would hope that people listen to the album for what it is, a great rock album. I admire this band for sticking to who they are and believe. We need music with positives messages out there and Stryper provides that, but they are also talented musicians that deserve a place among the great rock bands. And what a great cover!


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