Luce (2019)

Directed by Julius Onah

Starring Naomi Watts, Octavia Spencer, Kevin Harrison, Tim Roth

I stumbled to this film looking to rent something on Redbox. It was free and I read the premise and it looked interesting. I saw it had a good cast so I rented it.

Luce is a kid that was taken from a bad situation as a child and was adopted by Amy and Peter. Luce is a model student, an athlete, and speaker and highly regarded in his school. The drama starts when Harriet Wilson reads a paper Luce wrote and accuses him of having illegal fireworks in his locker.

Is hard to review this kind of film because you want to be careful and not reveal too much. For me, where the movie failed is that it felt too obvious and when the twist came it did not surprise me like other films of this genre. Because of that, I struggled to see it to the end. I thought I would have to really think about what was going on to decide who was right or wrong in terms of the teacher against this perfect kid. In that sense, the movie becomes more interesting in terms of Amy and Peter trying to know if their son is capable of what he was accused of.

The performances were good, in fact, I think is the best thing the film has. Octavia Spencer once again gives a good performance and so does Naomi Watts. Luce as a character was not likable to me but maybe that was the intent and if so, Kevin nailed it.

I did not hate it but at the same time, I was thankful I saw it for free. The performances are worth seeing but the film itself was not that good.

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