The Peanut butter falcon (2019)

Directed Typer Nilson and Michael Schwartz

Starring Shia LaBeouf, Dakota Johnson, Bruce Dern

This is a movie I wanted to see, I heard great reviews for the film. I also believe Shia has been taking roles that show his acting range beyond Transformers.

A story of an unlikely friendship. Zak is a down syndrome kid living in a home because he has no family or anyone to take care of him. He wants to be a wrestler and escapes the home. Tyler gets in trouble with some people and runs away in his boat, in the boat Zak was hiding. Both go on the road to get Zak to a wrestling school and Tyler to Florida.

What a sweet film. It had that Rain Man feel to it as we see these characters bond and Shia’s character change. It has its funny moments and a lot of moving moments. It has a great message about not letting anything put limits on what you want to be. Zak had dreams but because of his condition, he was not allowed to really live.

I was impressed with Shia’s performance, I think he was great in it and deserves to get other roles that do justice to his talent. Zack Gottsagen did an amazing job as Zak. Dakota Fanning and Thomas Haden Church gave good supporting roles.

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