Queen and Slim (2019)

Directed Melina Matsoukas

Starring Daniel Kaluuya, Jodie Turner-Smith

I wanted to see this film for a while but I admit it was hard seeing it. Knowing that this is still going on and that innocent people can have their lives ruined by racism is just so sad.

The film starts as Slim and Queen are on a date, they met through a dating site and it seemed like it was not going well. As Slim was taking her home they were pulled over by a cop. He searched the car and when Slim asked to hurry the cop was about to arrest him. Queen is a lawyer and begins to tell the cop of their rights and he shoots her. Slim fight the cop and shoots the cop.

Objectively, this kind of movie you see them knowing the ending, so what keeps you watching the film is the journey you take with the characters. In that, the film succeeded for me. I liked that the characters were sort of forced by the situation to fall in love with each other. The fact that these two characters were good people makes it more painful to see and more when so many good black people have lost their lives because of racism whether it comes from the police or not. Sadly, the movie also shows how those in power can twist even a recorded event to their favor and knowing that is what I think made these characters run.

Daniel and Jadie gave very good performances. The film centers around them and they were able to give these characters life and make them real.

It is not a perfect film, there were things I would have changed that I won’t say to avoid spoilers. But the film’s statement is important and it is a good film. Like I said, the film is all about these two characters and their journey, and because of how the two characters relate to each other and change in the journey the film is interesting. It is just sad that this can’t be a story of fiction because of what is actually happening still today.

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