American Pickle (2020)

Directed by Brandon Trost

Starring Seth Rogen, Sarah Snook

The fact that there are little movies to see these days got me to see this one. I am not a huge fan of Seth Rogen so I had little interest in this film bit I decided to see it. 

The story centers around Herschel Greenbaum. He works making holes when he meets Sarah and the fall in love and immigrate to the United States. He finds a job where one he accidentally falls in a hole where the pickles are preserved and somehow lived there for 100 years. When he awakes he meets his only relative. 

The story was nice and although the part of someone from the past awakening in the future is new, this story went another way in the story. It does not focus as much on him connecting with his relative or the new world, rather I felt it focused on him trying to become successful. I like movies that are slow and focusing on the characters, but this one failed to grab me and my attention. I saw until the end but I was not into it. It had good things in it but overall I can’t say I liked the film. It was funny as this man expressed his views on life based on the old ways in today’s very different world but that was not enough for me to like the film. 

I will say this though, Seth gave a good performance playing two roles. It was a different performance compared to the other films I have seen from him. 

The film is exclusive on HBO Max and like I always say, I don’t like saying a movie is bad because I know someone might like it. I can only share my thoughts on the film and for me, it just was not that good, I just could not get into it. 

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