Project Power (2020)

Directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost

Starring Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon- Levitt, Dominique Fishback

Netflix has been a good supply for new and original films. I believe they are a good outlet for films that big studios are no longer making. I heard the buzz around this film so I wanted to see it for myself.

There is a new drug that gives its users superpowers for a while. Art is looking for the source because he took something from him. Frank is a police officer who takes the pills to level the playing field between the criminals and the cops. And Robin is a high school girl who is selling the drug to help her mother who is sick. Art is trying to find his daughter by searching those who sell it and that is how he meets Robin and later Frank looking for Robin meets Art and all three go up against this new drug operation.

I liked the idea of the film and I confirmed what I read about the film, that it was a different superhero movie, I won’t say why to keep myself from spoiling the story for anyone. What I can say is the movie overall is good. The action scenes are great but there is a story behind it all and good characters. The villains could have been better in the film, I thought they could have added a bit more suspense in terms of what they were facing. They had a good concept in the pills giving the bad guys different powers and it felt like the movie did not take more advantage of that. But by no means does that mean it was a bad movie. I think it’s an enjoyable and fun film to see.

The three main actors are great in the film. I have never seen Dominque in a movie before and she really held her own working with two great actors like Jamie and Joseph.

I am glad I saw this film and thanks to Netflix for providing new movies to see that are entertaining and not cost 19.99 to rent. I recommend this film as well as the Old Guard, two films that provide new twists on the superpowers/hero films.

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