Homefront (2013)

Directed by Gary Fleder

Starring Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder, Kate Bosworth

I rented this movie because I saw a scene in the Facebook video and it got me interested and I am not a big fan of Jason Statham’s movies. I have seen a few and some are good.

Phil broker just moved to a little town with his daughter. He used to be a cop but left after an undercover job went wrong. He is just trying to live quietly with his daughter but the past caught up to him. The guy arrested because of his undercover work wants revenge.

I was surprised to see the movie was written by Sylvester Stallone, surprised because I did not know, Sylvester writes a lot of good films. I liked the film. It is a typical action film, one guy against an army and beating them up. I liked the different angles of the story. The fact that it starts with a school fight between his daughter and the nephew of a drug dealer. But in these films, I just focus on being entertained and I was. Nothing new in action movies, but done right they are fun to see.

The cast surrounding Statham was good. I liked Winona’s performance as the girlfriend of the drug dealer played by Franco.

I enjoyed the movie, if you are looking for a good action film this one is a good option.

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