The Beatles Revolver (1966)

Produced George Martin

I was listening to this album today and using the fact that it was released this week 56 years ago in 1966. I wanted to write about this great album. I know I made a global post where I mentioned all their albums, but I love their music too much and would go deeper with this one and who knows if the others too later on. To me this band is so special because no album is low in quality even Let it be that was recorded with so much going on and towards the end, and it is still a better album than most artist releases. For me this is my third favorite Beatle record. At that time the sound was ahead of its time and even today it sounds better than a lot of new music.

A little history about the album, recorded after the excellent Rubber Soul album and when the band was leaning towards not touring anymore. The band found themselves experimenting more in the studio and coming up with new sounds and songs that were hard to be performed live. This album is a perfect band album, Paul has beautiful songs in this album, Lennon is innovative and inventive, George for the first time has 3 songs in an album (he usually got one or two songs on an album before Rubber Soul) and Ringo sings one great song. 

The album starts with Taxman, a song written by George about the unfairness of taxes. A great rock and roll song and with that the albums kicks off and never disappoints. Songs lime Eleanor Rigby, For no one, Tomorrow never Knows just name a few make this album an absolute gem. The Beatles are responsible for making an album the art form it became. I think of a simple thing like the album covers. The cover for Revolver was a game changer, I don’t remember seeing album covers that were artistic before The Beatles, this progressed to Sgt Pepper.

I always say that from Rubber Soul to Let it be, those are simply masterpieces by the greatest band ever. Of course, that depends on the listeners, but in my opinion, no other band has achieved what The Beatles did, sustain the quality of the music for the 10 years or less they were together with the schedule and pressure they had.

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