Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)

Directed by Sean Durkin

Starring Elizabeth Olsen, Sara Paulson, Hugh Dancy

I have seen a few Elizabeth Olsen films besides Avenger and I like her performances and this film I heard about it and that she was good at it so I decided to see it.

Martha is introduced by a friend to a house where a group of people lived. She starts to stay there and it turns out to be some type of cult where the leader rapes the girls (including Martha) and controls them. The film begins with Martha escaping and contacting her sister. She tries to cope with everything and live with her sister.

There are many good things about the movie. It is a powerful story about the effects of this kind of cult that I am sure to exist and how that control has a lasting effect on a person and the family that tries to help. I liked that we see the horrible things she went through by her remembering and not in order of events. As a viewer, I was hoping for the sisters to somehow connect but I think the movie went for the realistic way and that it would take help to make Martha better. The ending was great because it leaves you thinking about something that could happen or not.

Elizabeth Olsen is great in this film. Her body language and her performance felt real and it showed a broken person that just can’t escape her past. Sara Paulson was also great in the film, displaying the love and patience of an older sister while showing the frustration of not being able to help.

As I said, there were things I wanted to see but that is the happy ending desire in me as an audience and the film went a more realistic approach and it is fine. It was a good movie with great performances.

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