Winters Bone (2010)

Directed by Debra Granik

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes

I was watching a documentary about movies that went decade by decade and they talked about the most influential films of those decades. They mentioned this film and when I saw it was on HBO Max I decided to see it.

The story is mainly about Ree, a 17 years old girl who takes care of her two younger siblings and her sick mother. Trouble begins when she finds that her father used the house to make bail and if he does not show up in court the house will be taken away from them. Ree starts a quest to find her dad but has to go through some dangerous people along the way trying to save her home. It is a power struggle within the family and relatives that she faces in the hope of finding her father.

I liked the film, not as much as all the critics it received. It does keep you interested in what is going on with Ree as she encounters bad people who are war at each other and just won’t help her. Even those who were family gave her a hard time. It is a reflection of how some struggle, she needed the house so she went after her father knowing what she would have to go through. The movie is a little bit slow and I don’t think at any point the movie gets intense, but as a character-driven film, it succeeded.

This was Jennifer’s first film appearance and she was great. She is the main attraction in the film and her performance is what kept me watching the movie. She was able to let the audience carry the burden with her. The other actors were to mu unknown but they all gave good performances.

I found the movie interesting, if you are a fan of Jennifer Lawrence then this a film you should see. If you are looking for a good drama story with a bit of mystery and suspense then it is a good movie to see.

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