Paterno (2018)

Directed by Barry Levinson

Starring AlPacino, Kathy Bates,

This are not easy films to see because of the subject matter. I remember when the story broke even though I did follow Football whether it was the NFL or college. It is always sad and frustrating when things like this happen. Just like the movie Spotlight we hope somehow as we see these films we learn to keep things like that from happening again.

The movie tells the story of the Penn State University scandal. Couches and university personnel were charged for sexual abuse of children and children endangerment for those that did little to prevent it. That category is where famed coach Joe Paterno fell as he did not do enough. The story also shows how Sarah Guinn broke the story.

There was a scene in the movie where even though Paterno was suspected of covering or not doing enough after knowing, the people chanting his name, this scene is so important to me because it shows how blind we get with famous people. I think the film was good, it is hard to say much about it because of what it is about. What I will say is Al Pacino is great as Paterno. He showed at times regret and sadness that the real Paterno might have felt after thinking things over.

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