Bill and Ted: Party on dudes!

I am so excited about the new film Bill and Ted face the music. I have to say these times are in need of a film of this kind, about two simple guys who save the world through music. I have heard good films from this film and I can’t wait to see it. These characters are icons for 80’s kids, I think they have endured through time and it is evident in the fact that so many years later a new movie is made and fans wanted to see it. 

The first film was released in 1989 and was called Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure. Here we meet Bill and Ted. With dreams of being rock stars, they find themselves failing at school, and that would mean that Ted would be sent to Alaska to Military school. They meet Rufus a man sent from the future to help them pass the report for the history class so they don’t get separated because their music will someday unite the world. The adventure starts as they go through history and find some friends from the past to help them with the report. 

It is a simple story, what stands out are the two characters, they are not the smartest but they mean well and they are lovable characters. The movie has heart and it is funny, and the music is great. How they played with the historical characters was funny as they brought them to the present. 

Then in 1991, the adventure continued and they went bigger. Bill and Ted’s bogus journey finds Bill and Ted still struggling to make it as a band now with the princesses as part of the band. Two evil Bill and Ted are sent to kill them and they do. Now dead, Bill and Ted go through heaven and hell to come back and save the princesses and win the music contest. I liked this one even more than the first. They added cool new characters like William Sadler as the Grim Reaper. The bands they got for the soundtrack was a dream for metal fans like me, the song God Gave rock and roll to you by kiss was perfect for the scene it was used, Faith no More had a song in it, the soundtrack also included Slaughter, Winger, and Megadeth. 

The films are fun to see, it is a movie where we can just feel good while we see it and smile at the adventures of these two slackers. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are the central part of the success of their performances as these two characters. Comedian George Carlin also was great and sadly he can’t be a part of the new film because he passed away in 2008. 

I just wanted to take a short look back as I wait for September 1st when it will be released on video on demand and some theaters. 

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