Midway (2019)

Directed Roland Emmerich

Starring Woody Harrelson, Patrick Wilson, Dennis Quaid, Mandy Moore, Es Skrein, Aaron Eckhart

This year saw the release of two war movies, this one and 1917. This one I was never really attracted to seeing it, but since it was on HBO Max I decided to see it.

The film takes place in 1941 and after ignoring intel about a possible attack, the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. The movie then centers on how the US tried to counter-attack and at the same time uncover a possible attack on Midway islands.

I want to start by saying that 1917 got more mention and nominations but I liked this film better. I think 1917 was more celebrated because of the way it was filmed, not that it was a bad movie. I found this story more interesting. I loved that it is presented in a fair way, both sides are shown as countries acting in war, not as villains against the Americans. Both sides got victories and losses. The war sequence and fights in the air looked great. I never knew of this story in particular and it was good to see at the end the real people and their role in the war. I don’t know how faithful the film is to what actually happened, I will read about it because it got me interesting.

The cast was very good. Patrick Wilson, Woody Harrelson stood out for me. From both sides, the performances were very good.

The film had a good balance of action scenes and drama that is inevitable in war. The film was able to show the loses of war and that it is the same for both sides, the loss of life and battles.

I am glad I decided to see the movie, is a fine war movie.

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